Why Work With Us

Increase your Revenue
with no risk and no effort

We Share Profits

Unlike other book resellers, we don’t just buy your books for the least possible price. Instead, we sell your books at the highest possible price and share the profits with you.

Decades of Online Sales Experience

We have been selling online since 2009 and are experienced at selling at the highest price in the least amount of time. Over the course of our business, we have noticed how most Nonprofits were selling their books with very little profit. We are changing this!

Proprietary Software at No Cost to You

We spend hundreds of dollars a month on proprietary software, so you don’t have to!  This software does the following:

  • Scan your books to find out the profit of each book
  • Lists your books on Amazon
  • Keeps inventory of your books on Amazon
  • Makes your Amazon pricing dynamic – changes every hour based on market demand
  • Compares historical data for each book for optimal pricing 

Books Sold with Highest Profit

We are an Amazon Prime reseller, which means that all our books are Prime books and are shipped by Amazon Prime. This alone lets us sell your books at a higher price than other resellers.

Also, we are constantly improving our processes and our software to provide you the highest amount of profit the market will bear.


A No Risk Agreement

Increase Your Profits with Ease

Detailed Monthly Reports

We believe in transparency in all of our business agreements. You can count on us to provide you with a monthly report of each book we received from you. You will be able to see when your book sold, for how much, and for how much profit. We then share the profit with you.

We sell fast and pay you quickly

Being an Amazon Prime reseller, we get paid fast by Amazon each time on of your books sell, so we pay you faster.