We will work with Nonprofits that sell books and wish to increase their revenue. If you have a large number of books, you can expect to increase your revenue substantially.

We offer different percentages of profit depending on our relationship. The more trusted the relationship, the higher the percentage of profit. Our profit sharing starts at 25% and goes all the way up to 50%.

For example: If you currently sell a book $1 and we are able to sell it for $50, you would increase your revenue from $11 to $24 for this one book alone.

Having been in the internet and book business for over a decade, and also since we have special needs children, we are aware of the needs of many Nonprofits. We are also aware of how little book resellers share with Nonprofits. We wish to change the marketplace!

No, we can also buy CD’s. We can tell you if they have any value. Just call us to discuss your needs.

We do not buy magazines, textbooks older than 5 years, encyclopedias. We do not buy books with water damage, mold damaged, or dirty.

We believe in outstanding customer service. That’s why our customers get an email response promptly – usually within 24 hrs. Our awesome Customer Care Team is standing by.

We believe that it is important to do things the right way and to create relationships based on trust. That’s why we invite every single customer to leave us feedback on Google or Facebook. We also have reviews from our sales on Amazon.

We believe that you should get paid as fast as possible. That’s why payments are issued as soon as we are paid by Amazon, Ebay or any other online reseller we are utilizing. If you are looking for someone that you can really count on, give us a try.