About Us

Making a Difference

Creating a Win-Win

We have been selling online since 2009 and are experienced at selling at the highest price in the least amount of time. Over the course of our business, we have noticed that most Nonprofits are selling their books with very little profit. We intend to change this!

Unlike other book resellers, we want to share the profits.

Reasons Run Deep

We are two partners, Craig and Manon, and we both have children with disabilities. We greatly appreciate Nonprofits and what they have done for us and our families. We want to give back.

Using this business model, we can both help nonprofits and continue to build our online business, a win-win for both ourselves and Nonprofits!

We know that there are many books that Nonprofits sell for a lower price than the market can bear. We can make a difference…and we do.


Our Vision & Mission

We Wish to be Your Partner in Books


To create a trusted partnership with all Northern California Nonprofits who sell books, and with those who wish to increase their revenue, in order to provide more services to their community.


Our mission is to be a partner in profits with Nonprofits and to repurpose as many books as possible in order to keep them out of landfills.

We wish to make a difference with Nonprofits by increasing their revenue substantially!